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Long Term Care

Distinctly Different Long-Term Care

“Don’t change a thing; just keep doing what you’re doing. This facility is a true blessing to our community. I don’t know what we would do without your skilled, courteous, polite, helpful, staff.” Bill and Elizabeth Newell

Choosing a long-term care facility can be a difficult and confusing process. But it doesn’t have to be. With over twenty-five years of experience providing long-term care with a personal touch, we can easily guide you through the process. We have the answers you need and the service you deserve.

The above photos are of our completely new resort-style spa/shower room with handicapped accessible whirlpool tub, designed especially for our Long Term Care residents.

Commitment to keeping our facility clean, updated and home-like for our residents means we are often remodeling and redesigning, which is why at Okeechobee Health Care, you’ll find a different kind of care. You’ll find a home-like atmosphere, superior nursing care, a wide variety of services all under one roof and a staff that treats you like family.

In fact, we encourage you to visit us any day of the week to see for yourself why we’re rated so highly by our residents and their families. We guarantee you’ll find happy residents, helpful staff and the personalized care you’re looking for. Come discover the difference at Okeechobee Health Care Facility.


Restorative Therapy to Meet Your Goals

Whether you need physical or occupational therapy, our restorative therapy program for our Long Term Care residents focuses on meeting goals and seeing improvement. We design a personal plan and assign a restorative nurse to assist you with staying active and on the road to recovery. Specific goals might include range of motion, balance, strength and mobility. Everything we do helps you achieve greater independence.