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Rehab Services

Our Rehabilitation Services Are Second to None

Okeechobee Health Care Facility offers you the opportunity for outpatient therapy, as well as short-term rehabilitation in style. Perhaps you need additional therapy after a short hospital stay, or you simply require more care than an at-home program would give. Okeechobee Health Care bridges the gap between hospital care and home life. And we do it in style.

Joint Replacement Specialists

Many of our short-term residents come to us for recovery from joint replacement surgery. We’re happy to offer a comfortable home-away-from-home with top-quality nursing care to get you back to peak performance. With licensed therapists, technologically advanced equipment and therapy designed specifically for you, we will help you maximize your post-surgery potential.

Our specialized therapy services include: Vital Stim, lymphedema management, neurological rehab, orthopedic rehab, Fall prevention with emphasis on patients with dementia, diabetic neuropathy and amputation  management, prosthesis and orthotics training, staff development and frequent facility staff inservices.

Choose one of our spacious private rooms, and take advantage of our personal therapy plan and resort-like lifestyle. We will make sure you are comfortable on your journey back to the life you want to lead. Let Okeechobee Healthcare make the difference in your quality of care and your quality of life.

Therapy for an Active Life

You want to get back to your life. At Okeechobee Health Care, our every effort is designed to meet your exact needs to help you achieve your physical goals. We’re experienced in what we do, and we know that the best results come from combining therapies and providing you with a competent, caring nursing staff to aid in your rehabilitation. Our restorative goals include helping you gain improved function so you can get back to your active life.

With a philosophy of encouraging residents to “do all that they can do,” our highly skilled and dedicated on-site professionals will assist you in using our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. After evaluating your individual

needs, we will design a unique therapy plan just for you. And rest assured that your plan is continuously reviewed and updated based on your changing capabilities and needs.