COVID UPDATE April 30, 2020

Dear Families,

While we are still awaiting results from last week’s COVID-19 testing, we ask for your assistance in several matters:

1. Please do not leave items at the door of the facility for residents or staff. We are supplying items for both daily and personal use. At best, items left at the door require us to provide additional resources to disinfect, at worst, you will be called to return and pick these items up.

2. If you have made prior arrangements to leave an item necessary for critical care, please call BEFORE arrival so someone can meet you at the door.

At this time, the CDC, the Governor’s office and both state and local Departments of Health have indicated that nothing will change for nursing homes for the foreseeable future even if the statewide restrictions are lifted. The original forecast of returning to our normal status for visitors on May 8 is no longer valid. Please know that we are doing our best to follow these guidelines while recognizing the strain on families and residents.

Also, we recognize there may have been recent occasions when you have had difficulty reaching the facility via telephone. We deeply apologize for this, but due to the increased volume of calls to the facility seeking information on your loved ones our phone system has been overwhelmed.

The following phone extensions are offered for your assistance:

  • Wayne Allen, Administrator, Extension 4007
  • Patricia Ebanks, Assistant Administrator, Extension 4005
  • Donna Stiller, Chief Nursing Officer, Extension 4002
  • Jody Wakelee, Director of Nursing, Extension 4009
  • Sandy Perry, Assistant Manager, Extension 4032
  • A Wing Nurses Station – Extension 4022, Kristal Vega, RN (A Wing Team Leader)
  • B Wing Nurses Station – 4019 or 4020, Jill Hornung, RN (B Wing Team Leader)
  • C Wing Nurses Station – 4008 or 4010, Michael Baranoski, RN (C Wing / ADON)