Dear Families,

As we stated in our last COVID update, we had 6 staff members test positive for COVID. As of today, 5 of the 6 staff members who tested positive have had 2 subsequent negative tests and are back to work. We are waiting on results from the 6th staff member before they will be allowed to return.

Since that last email update, we had an additional 3 staff members test positive and all 3 were immediately removed from the schedule. None of these staff members have been in the facility within the last 10 days and will have to have 2 negative tests before being allowed to return.

Also, a resident recently admitted to our admissions quarantine unit was sent out to the hospital on 6/25/2020 with symptoms unrelated to COVID-19. After arriving at hospital, this resident was tested, and results came back positive for COVID-19. That resident will remain at the hospital until 2 negative test results are obtained. All staff members who have worked on that unit since this resident was admitted are being tested this weekend.

As you know, the number of new cases in Florida have tripled in the past two weeks. Thank you for your support as we make every effort to keep this virus out of our facility. We continue to follow all CDC guidelines and will continue to do so. Additionally, we have restricted all departments and units within the facility with only the staff members who work on those units allowed to enter.

Earlier this week, State Surveyors were in our facility checking our overall infection control processes specifically related to COVID-19. The State Surveyors found no deficiencies in our infection control processes.

Beginning July 7, 2020, all staff, vendors and contractors who enter any long-term care facility must have a COVID-19 test, and all staff will be required to be tested every two (2) weeks thereafter with testing resources provided by the state.

Residents continue to be monitored multiple times a day for COVID-19 symptoms. Per the Health Department guidelines, testing is only available for residents who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any questions, please call the facility at (863) 763-2226 and speak with the unit manager where your loved one resides.

You are receiving this message as you are listed as a primary contact for one or more of our residents. Please help us communicate this to your family members who may not have received this notice. If you believe you have received this message in error, please reply to this email and we will update our database.

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