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A Special Valentine’s Day

Students from the Kindergarten-2nd grade classes at First Baptist Church made Valentine’s Day special for the residents of Okeechobee Healthcare Facility as they shared home-made valentines, treats and songs with them.

Students pictured left to right above include (Front Row )  Justin Jordan, Matthew May, Carli Avant, Lee Jay, Roper Ellerbee, Enekin Anthony, Julian Holmes, Scott Douglas, Noah Hazellief & Emma Rucks.  (Middle Row)  Emily Thompson, Clayton Thompson, Emily Johnson, Ethan Blomefield, Anabella McGovern, Amber Gatliff, Juliana Zeller & Lillie Bandi.  (Back Row)  Tyler Davis, Sara Hazellief, Reagan Tucker, Jacob Davis, J.W. Bass, Billie Wheley, Faith Massey, Jasmine Watson & Logan Rucks.  The FBC adults who assisted with the activity:  Rev. Jacob Hicks, Teresa Arrants, Sharlene Avant, Jackie Bass, Kristy Chapman, Jan Hazellief, Jodi Hazellief, Bunny Lightsey (Choir Director), Shirley Passwaters, Kim Pluskot, Maria Priest, Gary Priest & Onnie Jean Walker (Photographer).

 JC and JW

JC Webb and JW Bass – two guys who share similar names! JW was super at serving a home-made valentine and treats at the Valentine’s Day party at Okeechobee Healthcare Facility!