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What are the visiting hours at Okeechobee Health Care?

Our official visiting hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. However, immediate family and relatives are not subject to visiting hour limitations or other restrictions not imposed by you, the resident. In other words, we want you to have your family member here as much as is healthy for you, and can always accommodate other visitors earlier and later than those hours. Please speak to your nursing supervisor for assistance or further questions.

Can I smoke while I am at your facility?

As of January 1, 2018, OHCF became a smoke-free campus for both residents and employees. Since you will not be allowed to smoke while a resident, if you need assistance in reducing your cravings and/or stopping your smoking habit during your rehabilitation, please speak to both your physician and your nurse. We’d be glad to help you improve your health in this regard.

Can I leave the Facility for outings?

Outings from the Facility during your care, or “Leave of Absences” as we call them, depend on your primary pay source, your level of care, and your ability to get around without assistance. Usually, if your primary pay source is Medicare, Insurance or an HMO and you are here for Short Term Rehab, the “payors” will not allow outings, because “if you’re well enough to go out, you’re well enough to not need rehabilitation.” If your primary pay source is Medicaid, short outings during the day are allowed, and under Medicaid guidelines you are  currently allowed up to 16 Leave of Absence overnights per calendar year. And, of course if your primary pay source is Private Pay, outings and Leave of Absences are always allowed. For details, please speak with our Resource Specialist or our Social Services Director.

Can I go home anytime I want?

Absolutely! We never keep anyone against their will who wants to return home. However, keep in mind that if you leave our Facility against medical advice (AMA), most insurances, HMO’s and Medicare have the choice whether or not to pay for your medical care. Should your Medicare or insurance choose not to pay for your medical care while you were here, you could incur significant charges. Our Social Services Director and your Physician will be glad to assist you in returning home the moment it is safe for you to do so.

How much will it cost me to stay at Okeechobee Health Care?

Because Medicare and Insurance rates occasionally change and because our costs fluctuate from time to time, please contact our Admissions Director or our Resource Specialist for current Private Pay rates. We have full-time staff dedicated to assisting you in getting the maximum benefit from your insurance, and in helping you apply for Medicaid. In fact, because of our experience and knowledge, we can often accomplish such applications faster, cheaper, and with a minimum of frustration for you.

Do I need to bring my own TV or any furniture?

Each of our resident rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art beds, furniture that accommodates both resident and family members and each bed has it’s own television. In short, you don’t need to bring a thing! If you have special needs or requests for specific furniture items, please ask to speak with our Director of Nursing and/or our Administrator.

What if I have follow-up appointments already scheduled?

We have two specially equipped vans that can get you to your local follow-up appointments, as well as X-rays, Labs, and specialists appointments. If you need transportation scheduled for admission purposes, we can usually accommodate – just speak to an Admission Department staff member.