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Memory Care

Special Care & Memory Care Unit

This cutting-edge special care unit of our facility is home for those with Alzheimer, dementia and/or memory disorders needing a safe environment with trained professionals who minimize stress and maximize comfort and safety while providing medical care.

At Okeechobee Health Care, we believe people who require Special Care & Memory Care remain able to experience joy, comfort, meaning and growth in their lives. For these residents, along with our highly skilled nursing care, we recognize the following three areas to be critical to their quality of life:

1. Food and Fluid Consumption

Inadequate consumption or inappropriate food and fluid choices can contribute directly to a decline in a resident’s health and well-being. Our professional staff in Dietary work closely with us to

  • provide good screening and preventive systems for nutritional care,
  • assure proper nutrition and hydration, given resident preferences and life circumstances,
  • promote mealtimes as pleasant and enjoyable activities where staff have an opportunity to observe and interact with residents.


2. Pain Management

Pain is under-recognized and under-treated among people suffering Memory impairment, primarily because they can have so much difficulty communicating. Poorly managed pain can result in behavioral symptoms and lead to unnecessary use of psychotropic medications.

At Okeechobee Health Care, our care in this area is based on the following goals:

  • Ease the distress associated with pain and help residents enjoy an improved quality of life.
  • Treat pain as the “fifth vital sign” by routinely assessing and treating it in a formal, systematic way, as one would treat blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature.
  • Tailor pain management techniques to each resident’s needs, circumstances, conditions and risks.

 3. Social Engagement

Engagement in meaningful activities is also a critical element of good care for those with Memory Care disorders. Activities help residents maintain their functional abilities and can enhance quality of life.

At Okeechobee Health Care Facility, we have a dedicated and loving group of Activities personnel, assigned directly to this unit, who daily seek to:

  • Offer many opportunities for providing a context with personal meaning, a sense of community, personal choices and fun.
  • Design interactions to do with — not to or for — the resident.
  • Respect resident preferences, even if the resident prefers solitude.

Focused Design

Many areas, both indoors and out, of this unit are especially designed with the safety and comfort of our Special Care/Memory Care residents. Unique to this special care unit is our Wander Garden, a protected and safe outdoor environment where our residents are able to be outside free from danger. Providing an assortment of micro-environments, this garden offers opportunity for quiet visits, individual, family and group activities and basking in the sun.






Our Memory Care unit also contains our first resort-style Spa and Shower Room. This specially designed comfort room includes towel warmers, soft music and all the comforts of home.