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Whistling Champion Visits OHCF

Phyllis Heil, the female international whistling entertainer of the year for six different years, recently presented a concert featuring the oldie-goldies, patriotic medleys and good-ole gospel tunes much to the delight of the residents of Okeechobee Healthcare Facility.

Phyllis amazed the residents in that she can whistle while breathing in and out without taking a breath!  Phyllis took one whistling lesson from her brother when she was young and has been whistling ever since.  She appeared on The Tonight Show where she had to whistle after eating some crackers.

Phyllis grew up in Chilhowie, VA and she and Chuck currently live in Hickory, NC.  They spend the month of February in Okeechobee every year.  Her husband, Chuck, is shown holding an almanac where he jokingly notes that Phyllis is featured as the center-fold.